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The Read Aloud Project builds first grade student comprehension and vocabulary by enhancing read alouds with comprehension and vocabulary-building activities. Read alouds are an ideal time to show students how comprehension works in a listening comprehension context. In other words, students can begin to learn a variety of comprehension strategies and build vocabulary just as they are beginning to learn how to read printed text. Overall, the Read Aloud project includes a research- and state standards-based practical read aloud curriculum that can be used without replacing any current instruction or school reading programs.

Primary principles guiding the Read Aloud Project include:

We are currently implementing research studies in Oregon and Virginia to study the efficacy of the Read Aloud Project's curriculum. Our study is examining factors that impact classroom read aloud implementation. We are learning about what components of classroom read aloud time appear to most beneficial to student comprehension and vocabulary gains. As part of our research, we are also examining the impact on the use of read alouds to improve comprehension, vocabulary, and language for English-language learners and student at-risk of early reading difficulties.

CEC 2010 Conference Presentation
Nashville, TN - April 2010

download presentation (PDF, 600kb)

For additional information about Read Aloud Project research or the Read Aloud Project's curriculum, please contact Lana Edwards Santoro, Ph.D. (lana.santoro@earthlink.net).